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Jun. 18th, 2017 05:00 am
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"My Psychological Crime Thriller SNAFU" by he who watches the world burn
Explore the relationship between Hikigaya Hachiman, a talented young criminal profiler, who is haunted by his ability to empathize with serial killers and shunned by most people for his rotten eyes and his psychiatist, Dr. Yukino Yukinoshita, who is secretly a cannibalistic serial killer trying to win Hachiman's heart...literally.

It's a WIP of My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU characters run through a Hannibal filter. And so far it works.
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I'm annoyed that so much of the plot is "young white guy has father issues"--because we can never get too much of that, right?--but the rest of the story mostly makes up for it. The Gargoyle Hunters--set in dangerous, broke 1970s New York City, when buildings came apart on purpose or by neglect--gives so many wonderful scenes that you can see, like when it opens with a meetup/picnic at the New Jersey dumping ground for the discarded, shattered but still beautiful remnants of the original Penn Station, though the book doesn't name it outright at the time. (I knew it immediately because I follow this stuff myself.) I empathize with the hatred of seeing sculptural beauty thoughtlessly destroyed in demolitions, but here people are doing something about it, illegally roaming rubble looking for finds and eventually trying to avoid damaged goods by truly illegally removing things before buildings are slated for destruction. Griffin's father is obsessed with New York City's architectural past, loving it far more than he seems to love his son, something especially visible as the retrieval efforts get dangerous.

How far will Griffin go for his father's love and approval? How much of a city can a small band of people steal and what dangers would they brave to get their treasures?

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Jun. 17th, 2017 12:31 pm
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We've hit the intersection of social justice, healthcare, politics, and reproductive rights: the moral imperative to stop the Senate from passing the travesty known as Trumpcare.

The Indivisible Guide has your back: It's Time to Stop TrumpCare and We've Got a Plan. The Senate is trying to do what the House of Representatives did in May: jam through its TrumpCare bill in secrecy, without public hearings, without a Congressional Budget Office (CBO) score, and without knowing its full impact on American families. That’s why the time to put on the pressure is now. We’ve put together new resources and an action plan to help.

This kind of activism takes time and commitment but not much physical stamina: it's perfect for those of us who can no longer march in the streets.

There are more links under the cut, loosely organized by category for your clicking convenience: politics, healthcare, reproductive rights, and the ever popular, "miscellaneous."

Politics )

Healthcare )

Reproductive Rights )

Miscellaneous )

I updated [community profile] xfilesficrecs: Fic Recs: 2x05 Duane Barry.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Nobody Can Save Them

Jun. 17th, 2017 04:49 am
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I attempted to watch the animated Batman: The Killing Joke but couldn't get too far in it since so far it could be called Sexism: The Animation. With where the source material went with Barbara, I didn't have the confidence in these creators to go there with them, especially with what they'd unnecessarily added to this version that hadn't shown up in the source material.


Watching Doctor Strange, I couldn't help wondering how anyone could possibly fight in those chaotic Inception-scapes. I imagine that in actuality those battles would be very short and end in death and broken bones for almost everyone. I did appreciate the movie's trippy visuals, since it'd take an amazing writer and actor to make me feel sympathetic toward a rich, spoiled, arrogant, jackass neurosurgeon who causes most of his own problems, and the movie didn't provide those so I needed something to enjoy. (So the MCU's Doctor Strange is a less charming Tony Stark?)

Though the bit in the credits with Strange talking to spoiler )


Jun. 17th, 2017 03:05 am
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I spent Thursday at the ER from about 9:40 am through 1:10 am--yes, really--and still none of us knows what happened to me that caused a sharp pain in my chest, weakness in my right upper arm and both thighs, severe pain in my head and neck, and a special pain in my right eye, with a streak of partial numbness from the inner corner of that eye up across my nose into my forehead. There was no reason for me to be stuck on a gurney there in the middle of two shrieking patients with dementia for about 16 hours, since all that was done was two EKGs, blood tests, a bit of heart monitoring, a chest X-ray, and a CT scan of my head, all of them coming out normal. Nurses told me I was waiting for Neurology (as a nod to my medical history, headache, and eye thing), then for a "stroke team," for several hours that I was going to be admitted to the hospital, for several hours after that that I would be sent home.

A few hours in it became obvious to me that being stuck there on a hard surface--because they had me hooked up to a heart monitor and thus tethered the whole time--stressed and severely dehydrated and hungry and in the midst off constant shouting was contributing to making me worse, but they refused to sign me out and if I left against doctors' orders an insurance and bill nightmare would ensue. The very painful IV needle they had jammed into the elbow of my dominant arm that they only briefly actually used twice over those 16 hours (once to take blood, once to inject a painkiller) also didn't help, and with how dehydrated they'd left me since I had to beg them for water, had to get them close enough to the gurney to bed since I was tethered out of their way to a heart monitor, that sucker hurt really badly. I kept begging them to take it out but no one would. What if we need to connect you to an IV bag for fluids? I told them to put the needle somewhere else then, but again they didn't bother to listen.

I'm feeling much, much better at home today, aside from being so sore from being on that gurney for so long.

I've developed a terror of being put in a hospital and not allowed to leave, and experiences like this are why. (Plus all the hospital visits involving my Chiari and the more than a month-long hell my father experienced after his emergency surgery in 2012 where the things the doctors and staff did purposefully and by accident kept messing him up worse but we couldn't get him out.)

Takeaway? I don't have heart trouble, I didn't have a stroke, and there's no bleeding in my brain. As usual, something happened to me and nobody knows what it was.
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The War of Silver and Ash (15883 words) by astolat
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Wiedźmin | The Witcher (Video Game), Witcher 3 - Fandom
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Geralt/Emhyr
Characters: Geralt z Rivii | Geralt of Rivia, Emhyr var Emreis, Emiel Regis Rohellec Terzieff-Godefroy, Lady Orianna
Additional Tags: Vampires, Toussaint - Freeform, War, Nilfgaard
Series: Part 7 of Witcher works

He hadn’t come here with a contract. He’d come here to get the faces out of his head: the bloodless dead sprawled in heaps through the streets of Beauclair, the morning after the rampage Detlaff had unleashed; the blank eyes of the boy in the orphanage tilting his head to let Orianna drink from his throat, with the lullaby she’d been singing him still hanging in the air.

Wasn’t working that well so far.


Jun. 15th, 2017 07:01 am
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My apologies for spamming your reading list if you have already seen this. Weeks ago, I told [personal profile] jebbypal that I would make a promo banner and, um, promote [community profile] timeless_lifeboat. I tried, I did, but I have no skills. Luckily, I found [community profile] inconformista. Now I have a promo banner, plus six new icons for Timeless. Please snag it and spam your readers, too.

[community profile] timeless_lifeboat
A new Timeless community at Dreamwidth

I am actually feeling fannish about Timeless, in that giddy, why isn't everyone feeling this way about my show kind of way. I can't stop thinking about the series. I'm actually reading fic. I'M SUBSCRIBED TO TWO WIPS at AO3. It's hasn't been that long but I'd almost forgotten what it's like, to be this in love with a show. It's kind of wonderful, isn't it?

In other fannish news, The Expanse, season one, disc three, is "in transit," meaning someone in the LAPL system has finally gotten off their ass and sent my request. I've been number one in the queue for weeks. They're all checked out now but when I put it on hold, there were copies on the shelf. I called twice to complain and talked to one of the librarians in person, too. They all claimed that they had no idea what was going on, let alone why I kept getting bypassed. Maybe the last in-person visit actually worked.

There isn't much fic and what there is, isn't exactly my kind of thing. I wasn't going to do it until the TV series ended (spoiler! hatred) but I've decided to go ahead and read Leviathan Wakes, the first book in the Expanse series. My husband has read book one. He thought that since the show runners weren't following the book that closely, spoilers wouldn't much matter. He also thinks the TV series is much better written.

*p Well this is getting ridiculous

Jun. 14th, 2017 05:02 pm
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today I am crying over the lives of fictional characters

4/26, 5/19, 6/14, pretty sure this is period; except I'm a few days ahead of the placebo days. If I'm counting this right my body is doing something like a 25 day cycle, which is not that weird, just also not what one expects hormone pills to enforce? And also why I'm offset from the placebos.

I mean let us not forget that every kind of stress has rained down upon my head the last two months, and that will fuck with periods too, but GDI.

Eta: also I would like to note that it is a million times less stressful to be crying about fictional characters than about your cat's health or a sudden inspection for a move. Hooray for fictional characters.

Links (plus commentary)

Jun. 12th, 2017 10:25 am
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Just three for today.


NPR: I told you I'd just finished New York 2140. There was a great interview with him on Science Friday: Kim Stanley Robinson Tackles How to Keep a Drowning City Afloat.

The New Republic: The Powerful Reticence of Elizabeth Bishop. The argument being made by some is that the poems and letters Bishop didn't want published in her lifetime shouldn't be put in print after her death, because if she had wanted that material published she would have done so herself. Okay, but if Emily Dickinson's surviving family had respected her last wishes, nearly all of her poems would have been burned after her death. Can you imagine?


Vulture: TV Is Moving Away From Finale Fever — Which Is Making for Better TV. This piece is by Matt Zoller Seitz, my favorite critic, and I'm not sure I agree with him. See what you think.
Not too long ago, the ending was everything. It put a frame around the entire seasons-long adventure of watching a show. It made viewers argue, sometimes angrily, about whether the finale “stuck the landing” or just stunk. TV shows used to have to end on a note that satisfied everyone or risk being tarred as crushingly anticlimactic (Lost), incoherent (Battlestar Galactica), incoherent and pretentious (The Sopranos), or a violation of the spirit of everything that came before (Seinfeld). The arguments would rage on for weeks, months, even longer. In the case of David Chase’s gangster saga The Sopranos, which ended ten years ago this summer, the arguments have still not stopped.

Now, however, the ending is no longer the be-all and end-all of TV storytelling. With the final episode of The Leftovers, you may have wept grateful tears or thrown something at your screen in angry disappointment — but what you likely won’t do is carry the show’s ending around with you for years like sweet vindication or a festering grudge. You won’t do it when Twin Peaks: The Return ends. You won’t do it for The Americans, or Better Call Saul, or This Is Us. You might not even do it for The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones, ongoing hits that probably get closest to capturing the ride-or-die tribal factionalism of programs like Lost and The Sopranos.

So, I didn't watch The Sopranos, therefore I cannot comment on its ending. You thought everyone watched The Sopranos, didn't you? It was on a premium channel, plus I quit gangsters cold turkey after The Godfather, Part II. Following episode three, I didn't watch Lost, either. I was all Yes! to watching PLANE CRASH SURVIVORS ON A DESERTED ISLAND. But that initial enthusiasm rapidly changed to OMIGOD NO EFFING WAY?! once that premise was complicated by their crazy-ass supernatural reasons for it. Sadly, the section of my brain that allowed me to cope with that kind of plot was destroyed by The X-Files. As for Battlestar Gallactica, I quit in the middle of its third season, so I never made it to the "incoherent" finale. (I still bought the DVDS, though, the mark of a True Fan, even if I've never opened the box.)

However, I've been carrying resentment about the terrible final season of The X-Files around for over a decade now, as well the beyond terrible second movie, and the so-bad-there-is-no-word-for-how-bad-it-was revival series from 2015-16. Though I thought my beloved Fringe went downhill after the middle of the fourth season, I hold its finale close to my heart, because they made everything okay again. Well, nearly everything. I am still bitter about the death of a certain character whose first name is the last name of the greatest American President. Bastards.

Here's where I part company with MZS: I just don't understand how he can be so lackadaisical about The Americans. If its show runners don't tie up all of their dangling plot threads in a satisfactory manner in the final season, it won't be as though the series never existed a mere day after it airs, not for me it won't. Maybe Matt will have moved on, but I will be beside myself for months, if not years.

Between us, I'm already pretty unhappy with how things have been going for my characters this season, so unhappy, in fact, that I am seriously considering quitting the series today, still two episodes short of watching the season four finale (PLEASE NO SPOILERS IN COMMENTS). The problem is that I have a very specific series ending in mind, one that I feel the writers have been foreshadowing from the beginning. If they don't provide that kind of closure, then hell yes, I will be pissed off. For the sake of my mental health, I might be happier if I go ahead and break up with the series now.


The 1x07 discussion post, "Windmills," is up at [community profile] rocinante.


Happy Monday, everyone.

The Depths of Gotham

Jun. 9th, 2017 04:11 am
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As I threatened to earlier, I'm going to post some of my many thoughts about Gotham and its season 3 finale, which somehow managed to become the most anticipated finale for me of any TV I've watched this season and left me mostly satisfied.

I've been all about the Penguin/Riddler relationship this season. They're so much fun together, and spoilers )

If anyone wants to talk to me about the show, I'd love it!

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Jun. 8th, 2017 12:18 pm
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DS9 rewatch:

"The Quickening"

Ha, this is the one with the singing Quark jingle. "Come to Quark's, Quark's is fun!"

Quark's jingle is about the only thing fun in this episode, which is another chance for Bashir to indulge his savior complex. I feel like we've seen this episode (or at least this plot) several times. Bashir is convinced he knows what's best for another person, or another species. I don't understand -- well, no, I do understand why he so violently rejects the idea of euthanasia. But there's a thin line between his instincts as a doctor and paternalism, and Bashir is often on the wrong side of it.

"Body Parts"

Oh, this is the episode where they move Keiko's baby over to Kira to account for the fact that Siddig and Visitor were having a child together. (Note: Thanks to Wikipedia, I now know that their son is named Django.) I don't think I've ever seen it.

The thing with Keiko and Kira gives me many complicated feelings about surrogacy and the idea of women being treated as interchangeable baby incubators, but of course there's also the Doylist knowledge about Visitor's pregnancy. And I don't have children, so what do I know? (Also not a big fan of the title in this context.) It does give Rosalind Chao some actual interesting stuff to do, and some good scenes between her and Kira.

There's also a plot about Quark having a fatal illness. Normally, I'm not a big fan of anything involving any other Ferengi, but it's worth it for Quark hiring Garak for his skills at assassination. I realize that doesn't sound funny, but it really is. And the ending is really sweet.

"Broken Link"

Wow, we're still on bad terms with the Klingons? I keep forgetting that, even though it's the long-term arc.

Odo's killing another changeling comes home to roost. Poor Odo, having to be paraded around when he's so visibly ill. It's the worst. I feel you, Odo.

Given how many deaths are still to come, I wonder if Worf regretted not letting Garak fire on the Founders' planet. If Garak is right and they could have wiped out the Founders...but of course, you can't simplify causation that easily. Interesting that they actually sentence Garak to a six-month prison sentence, which presumably is dispensed with over the summer hiatus.

And at the end, they tie the two plots together in a nice cliffhanger for the end of Season 4. Season 5, here I come! (Except I'm going on vacation, so not for two weeks at least.)

Moving, again

Jun. 8th, 2017 08:25 pm
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I'm gearing up to move again; now that I don't have to stay in the school district*, I'm looking at a couple of places that are smaller, cheaper, closer to work, and ideally a little less damp.

But of course the idea of touching every single item I own, again, is incredibly intimidating.

So I decided to try packing one box a day.

There's quite a lot of low-hanging fruit -- at least ten boxes that I never got around to unpacking two years ago when we moved here. I may very well bog down when it comes to starting from scratch. But here's two days' worth of progress:

Day 1

Packed: One box from the bedroom. Mostly books and miscellaneous desky stuff.

Discarded: One bag of books and three bags of clothes to Goodwill. Half a recycle bin's worth of paper.

Find of the day: A bunch of little spiral notebooks from the pre-Iowa days, when I used to get Saturday mornings alone to write. Much probably-doomed writing in there, including the title of a Discworld story ("Hard-Boiled Egg") and the summary of a Sherlock story ("Suicide by vampire. At least, that was the plan.") and about 500 words of a story I was going to write about how in an Alpha/Omega universe the end of fertility must be heralded by an Omegapause ("Everybody around him was so goddamned fucking young.").

Day 2

Packed: One box of cookbooks and other non-fragile kitcheny stuff.

Discarded: Another bag of books ready to go to Goodwill, and a garbage bag full of things which stop being edible after being left in a box on the living room floor for two years.

Find of the day: So that's where all the AA batteries were.

* Let's just take a moment to let that sink in. Barring really strange circumstances, I am finished with school districts. School districts will never again play a role in my real estate decisions. I am no longer the parent of a public school student. I have attended my last teacher conference, and probably also my last progress report.
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